Attention! Beware of counterfeit “Celebrity box”

Communication Agency A.W. Olsen & Partners almost two years ago launched a unique project for Latvia - Celebrity box - an exclusive series of gift sets delivered to Latvian celebrities. We found out that gift boxes with the name Celebrity box have appeared on the Latvian market, but they have nothing to do with us. We remind you that the Celebrity box is a registered trademark protected by law. This is the product of A.W. Olsen & Partners, and we are constantly working to improve its quality, so no one else can offer it. Please stay vigilant and do not cooperate with scammers. If you want your brand to participate in a true Celebrity box project, there is an opportunity to join sponsors of the new release (May-June 2017). To learn about the possibilities to participate in the Celebrity box, please write to In addition, under these circumstances, we decided to join the Celebrity box brand in the anti-fraud movement # atkrāpies, in order to protect our partners from fraudulent actions as much as possible.

Showroom in Riga

A.W. Olsen & Partners Showroom – a perfect tool for fashion, beauty and lifestyle brand communication with magazines, on-line media, blogs and influencers. In our showroom – controlled environment where influencer's attention is focused only on few things – your brand can get continuous devoted time to deliver necessary messages and gain place in people's minds. The showroom is available weekdays from 9 to 6 or by appointment to stylists, bloggers, celebrities and influencers. Naturally our showroom also serves as a presentation venue. Showroom is a place where brands meet key people who are involved in media content production – stylists, editors, journalists, free-lance project managers, bloggers, celebrities and social media influencers. Our 55m2 space designed for press samples presentation and loans is located in Riga's central area, next to key industry's players, has an easy access and parking. Showroom can be converted into venue for press days, open houses, receptions, presentations, media breakfasts and other activities for brand promotion. A.W. Olsen & Partners Showroom has a digital twin – on-line platform where gate keepers can 24/7 download hi-res products' pack-shots and cut-outs with the relevant information e.g. store drop date and price, book particular samples for delivery, or find latest newsletters, trend texts and press releases.

The year 2017 in the corporate communication field: putting things in order, analysing and pushing the boundaries Olga Kazaka
partner at A.W.Olsen & Partners, lecturer at University of Latvia
2016 Year was an exciting and eventful for the communications sphere. Some earlier started processes must now enter a stage of maturity. Here is a number of important trends in the corporate communication field which, in my opinion, will develop in 2017. 1. Real bloggers and celebrities In the past year, many communications professionals with unprecedented force rushed to develop cooperation with bloggers and virtual celebrities, and generously endowed almost every owner of more or less popular Instagram profile. In 2017 more thorough approach to the selection of partners for cooperation will be applied. It is important to take into account the reputation of the blogger, the engagement rate of one’s publications and subscribers’ quality. Today you can get thousands of fake followers with empty profiles for a couple of hundred euros. Together with my colleagues we noticed the suspicious growth in popularity of the pair of active people who had a thousand subscribers yesterday, 6000 today and 13 thousand tomorrow. It happened in the period when nothing was posted in their profiles. So we started analysing the social networks of celebrities and bloggers who we cooperate with much more seriously. I think it will be a general trend. In this regard, bloggers themselves will have to become more professional in collaboration with brands that are expecting their ability to formulate the possibility of cooperation, proper implementation of the commitments, billing, and timely reports. Legal and ethical restrictions to reflect ...

A.W.Olsen & Partners and the Ministry of Finance received the prestigious European Excellence Awards

PR Agency A.W.Olsen & Partners received the prestigious European Excellence Awards, which is annually awarded to the best European communication campaign аor the campaign #nomaksāt ordered by the Ministry of Finance and launched in 2015. This year, awards were presented in Berlin. In the final tour more than 200 campaigns were nominated in 63 categories, and in each category the prize was awarded to only one campaign. Campaign #nomaksāt, launched by the Agency A.W.Olsen & Partners, received the award in the ‘Change communications’ category. The best campaigns launched in 2015 were nominated in this category for stimulating major changes of public opinion or changing public actions. “We are pleased that our brave campaign, which we implemented by the Ministry of Finance order, has won the highest score at the second competition for communications professionals. Earlier this year, the campaign received two main prizes at the international competition for public relations professionals ‘Baltic PR Awards’, thus the award received yesterday is a confirmation that our skills have been evaluated in all of Europe, - says the Agency partner Olga Kazaka, adding that among the competitors were such well-known brands as Maersk Oil, Telefónica Germany, UniCredit Group and others. #nomaksāt campaign was implemented in late 2015 by the Public Relations Agency A.W.Olsen & Partners and ordered by the Ministry of Finance. The campaign was addressed to the youth presenting the need to pay taxes and their distribution system. In order to successfully ...

The biggest event marketing forum Baltic For Events to take place

On the 11th and 12th of May 2017, you as a participant will have the chance to be a part of two days of unlimited communication on over a hundred vital topics to be discussed by around forty speakers from the Baltic States, Eastern and Western Europe. It is a yearly forum devoted to the advancement of the events market in the Baltic States; it serves as a distinctive avenue for fruitful dialogue from all members and significant patrons of the events industry. It remains an imaginative and innovative atmosphere where fresh and unique ideas are created and this helps to light up the excitement of the event. Applicable and Hypothetical ideas for upcoming events are also discussed to offer solutions to everyday event organisation challenges. This forum brings together into one place information from and about event planners, contractors and clients.                     The program consists of a number of crucial themes: creativity, innovation, organization, PR, KnowHow, Clients and Destinations. Every theme opens the possibility to discuss the main points in event organization, gives answers to the most important questions and helps bring about success to all your different events. Looking at the broader picture the event will have key event customers like directors of large event-corporations, managers of small event and creative agencies, event contractors, communication specialists, creative freelancers and start-ups and specialists in the event planning industry. There shall ...

The evolution of good old word of mouth

Marija Vorkule
project manager at A.W.Olsen & Partners/Scholz & Friends Riga
Modern Internet users can boast an amazing tunnel vision: advertising seems so persuasive that we have developed an indispensable reflex – it just passes by. While reading an article on a news portal, few people pay attention to what flickers at the bottom right corner, invitingly winking and flirting with bright packages and resounding slogans. Some the most advanced young individuals have even developed a reflex to ignore advertising on Facebook and Instagram, paying no attention to brands. In these brutal conditions, marketers have to make tricks and to find any ways to get through. Moreover, such a portal in the lives of potential customers really opened some time ago! Let us present to your attention the “influencer marketing” – very personalized and very efficient. “Influencer marketing” is a child of the well-known “product placement”. However, if in the past products and goods were placed in films, music clips and other places, now social media stars - bloggers and celebrities are increasingly used for this purpose. According to a research conducted by McKinsey Quarterly, the company that has been working on the market for over 50 years, from 20% to 50% of decisions to purchase goods or services are made based on the recommendation. Influencers’ opinion is more than two times effective than the standard paid marketing, and the likelihood that the client attracted by the influencer will become permanent is 37% higher than at other similar circumstances. This can ...

Clients are running for the Pokémon

Olga Kazaka, A.W.Olsen & Partners partner, lector of the University of Latvia
The economy of attention in which we live is interesting because the attention of consumers has become a currency. Every day we exchange it for bonuses of organizations fighting for this very limited resource. It is limited because it is impossible to save attention for the future, and at a certain period, it is possible to focus on a small number of objects. Moreover, today many are seeking for it: friends, relatives, work, study, media, social networks, a variety of companies, interests, etc. In this situation, organizations are forced to go beyond the usual marketing campaigns, integrating their offer in the environment where the attention of target audience is focused. Just one day the attention of the vast number of consumers has been focused on hunting for a virtual Pokémon with the game Pokémon Go. Looking at it, some people began to think about the times and customs, some enjoyed motivation to go out more often and walk more, some warned about cyber threats and possible injuries and communications professionals thought how to draw attention to organizations using this common enthusiasm. New obsession turned especially useful to restaurants, bars, shops, leisure centers, museums, and other organizations focused on youth. The current advertising wisdom has appeared – clients are running for the Pokémon. Marketing specialists who decided to play this game, have begun to activate Lure Modules, which attracted much more Pokémons. This allowed visitors to catch in one place as ...