How to apply for Celebrity Box

The Christmas edition of Celebrity box is scheduled at the end of November - the very beginning of December, so there is no much time left to join the project. Celebrity box is a unique project that provides your product or service an opportunity to get into the center of Latvian celebrities’ attention, increase its visibility and an interest of social network users to your brand. This is an excellent communication channel that provides selected public with not only information, but also the product itself, an opportunity to test it. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the management, as far as we take care of the carefully prepared list of recipients, design and delivery of boxes, as well as communication about your product in social media and report after the project is finished. Celebrity box has more than two years of experience, is registered as a trademark and got a prestigious international communication award. Since the start of the project it has involved more than 20 different brands. You can apply for participation until 1st of November, writing to Follow us on Instagram: and #celebrityboxlv

How To Sell on Instagram

Dr. sc. comm. Olga Kazaka
lecturer at University of Latvia, partner at communication agency A.W.Olsen & Partners
Some days ago in Riga, there was a big conference dedicated to marketing on Instagram. A number of Latvian and international experts reported how to not only communicate, but also sell through this social media. Here are the major trends that were voiced. 1. Targeted advertising It is not enough to be able to write texts, post beautiful photos and boost your post on some aggregate audience of women aged 24-35. Today, Instagram allows you to pointwise get the message across a specific audience. For example, a customer looked at the home page of a car dealer, after which he begins to see ads of the car of interest in social media. Organizations can lead the customer into a purchase decision step by step. Targeting and retargeting in social networks become an answer to the “mobile blindness”, about which traders began to worry about several years ago, having noticed that their sales in the checkout area had fallen. If earlier, customers, waiting for their turn, willingly supplemented their shopping carts with impulse purchases, now, visitors simply stick with their gadgets. Well, it is highly likely that nowadays customers find out about special offers available two steps away from them via social media. 2. Why you should not look at the tops of influencers  Back in 2015, our agency A.W.Olsen & Partners was the first to attempt developing a rating of people who are popular on Instagram. And even at that ...

A. W. Olsen & Partners Agency created the world’s best public sector campaign

The Latvian Communications Agency A. W. Olsen & Partners has won in the world's largest public relations competition IPRA Golden World Awards (GWA) 2018 in the Public sector - Agency category for the anti-fraud movement #FraudOff (#atkrāpies) concept and communication campaign. In this movement, several dozen state, non-governmental and commercial organizations are struggling with fraud in its various manifestations. For almost thirty years, the IPRA GWA award has been evaluating the best communication projects from around the world, taking into account the complexity, creativity, originality and similar criteria in the context of local community, country, region and even the entire world. "This year the competition showed method, excellent planning and superb creativity, " explains Bart de Vries, IPRA’s President and chairman of the jury. "Receiving such a prestigious award, for which we competed with the world's strongest communicators, confirms the righteousness of the A. W. Olsen & Partners Agency’s position that public administration not only can, but must use modern and advanced approaches in communication. We are proud that this is not our first idea for the public sector, awarded with the highest award in a prestigious international competition," Olga Kazaka, Partner of the A.W. Olsen & Partners Agency, said. "With the creation and development of the movement #FraudOff, we have shown that by joining forces we can achieve a lot – to express our attitude towards fraud and invite others to do so. The long-term goal of the movement ...

95% of Young Instagram Users Purchase Goods Popularized by Influencers

Marija Vorkule
project manager at A.W.Olsen & Partners
Only 5% of Latvian Instagram users of the age 18 to 35 never buy the products that influencers write about, according to a survey conducted by the A.W.Olsen & Partners Communication Agency in the spring of this year. "Moreover, 39% of respondents often and very often buy goods described in influencers’ posts," - says Marija Vorkule, Project Manager at A.W. Olsen & Partners. International researches show that the efficiency of classic advertising channels is dropping from day to day - people not only consume media in a different way, but also more critically perceive what they are "told" by brands. "The credibility of advertising, which we see on TV, in magazines and newspapers, has declined by 24%, 20% and 25%, respectively, in two years. At the same time, 83% of consumers believe that the recommendations of friends and relatives are much more reliable than any advertising, and this figure has increased by 18% in the last five years, even though friends can certainly not be experts in any matter. Moreover, 2/3 of the respondents who participated in the Nielsen research indicated that they consider the opinion expressed about the brand on the Internet to be one of the most trustworthy sources of information," says M. Vorkule, adding that more than half of the respondents (59%) purchase only those things that other people have already tested, and 52% always search for information about the purchased product. Consumers in the age of ...

The Celebrity box project picked up an award at the international contest for excellence in communication “Mi:t&links. Baltic Communication Awards 2018″

The Celebrity box project by A.W.Olsen & Partners Communication Agency won a prize in the category Digital Communications at the annual Baltic Contest "Mi:t&links. Baltic Communication Awards 2018". The patented brand Celebrity box has been existing for about 2 years and this time more than 20 various brands have participated in the project. "The Celebrity box is a project that allows interesting and worthwhile products and services to come into the hands of successful and well-known people in Latvia," the author of the project idea, A.W.Olsen & Partners Agency Partner Olga Kazaka comments, "Within the framework of the project every three months, thematic gift sets are formed and given to the persons popular in social networks in Latvia: musicians, athletes, bloggers, actors, TV stars." The Celebrity box recipients are carefully selected based on several criteria such as the engagement rate, real number of followers, bots (fake followers of software origin) and the absence of mass followers among the user followers. Particular attention is paid to the number of followers precisely from Latvia. "Our achievements in collaboration with the influencers within the project give excellent results," the author of the project idea adds, "The Celebrity box is constantly generating a great deal of hype in the community: we regularly get questions about how to get or where to buy the Celebrity box, but the project is exclusive and it's not possible to buy it in your possession." The communication agency A.W.Olsen ...

Influencers in Instagram: not how many, but wherefrom

Marija Vorkule
project manager at A.W.Olsen & Partners
It is beyond argument that the future of marketing and PR is in social media: 88% of young guys aged 13 to 16 surf the Internet on a daily basis using smartphones, and 70% of them spend most of their time in social networks. In addition, more than half of young people (57%) spend on the Internet at least 3 hours a day [1]! It was expected that by the end of 2017, 75% of industry professionals would use influencers in their campaigns [2], and in 2018 another 39% should increase the budgets for this communication channel [3]. Let us wait for actual data, whether these predictions were true, but we already have to admit that the "word-of-mouth" which in its modern version is called influencer marketing, is here for the long haul. Since the dawn of time, the "word-of-mouth" was able to move mountains, or, at least, cities. For example, in 1635 Holland was engulfed by tulip fever: everyone considered it their duty to possess tulips, which, due to the excitement among the "opinion leaders", became a symbol of high status, wealth and power. Profiteering based on rumours has led to the fact that bulbs of tulips were sold for the record $40,000 in modern equivalent. However, already in 1637 public opinion sharply became negative and the price of tulips fell by 20 times, plunging the country into a deep financial crisis. As a result, Holland has for decades ...

Corporate Communication in 2018: Emotion Management Olga Kazaka
Partner at A.W.Olsen & Partners, lecturer at University of Latvia
Watching the trends that have become relevant in the sphere of corporate communication in 2017 and will affect the success of PR and marketing campaigns in 2018, it becomes obvious that among other things it will be extremely important to be able to manage emotions. The fashion for nostalgia, gaining experience, discussions on emotional intelligence, "post-truth" and fake news gives depth to this simple at first glance phenomenon. It is impossible not to notice how much nostalgia is in fashion now. My students dress like I once did at school. Nostalgia is observed in a variety of manifestations. It’s no accident that in the format of augmented reality we caught the Pokemons, not some modern heroes. While in Germany there is a huge demand for music recorded on tapes. People are ready to be given pleasant memories of the past, which cannot but affect how we communicate with them. I believe more and more communication campaigns will use this aspect to attract attention and develop an emotional connection with the brand. The Oxford Dictionary called the word of the last year "post-truth" - an adjective, "relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief." This word that became so significant because of the massive spread of fake news portals and fake news. Today much is said about the need to develop critical thinking, but there is ...