The anti-fraud movement #FraudOff! won the laurels in two more international contests

The anti-fraud movement #FraudOff! (#Atkrāpies!) received the International Award in the contest European Excellence Awards, winning in the Change Communication category. At the same time Moscow hosted Eventiada IPRA The International Public Relations Association) Golden World Awards  2018, where the movement won the 1st place in the category of social projects.

Prizes were awarded to the concept and communication campaign of the anti-fraud movement #FraudOff! created and implemented by the Ministry of Finance and the communication agency “A.W.Olsen & Partners”, in which dozens of state, non-governmental and commercial organizations fight with fraud in its various manifestations. The movement has been continued for the second year, presenting various groups of society with an opportunity to distinguish and fight against various forms of fraud in our country.

“Two more awards as an international recognition, as well as an ever-increasing number of member institutions and organizations show the necessity and meaning of the #FraudOff! movement. The movement is growing and I am convinced that, as a result, our society grows up too – becoming more knowledgeable, more cautious, more careful, and thus more secure. The international appreciation gives new motivation to both the creators and all the participants of #FraudOff! to continue what was started and to popularize the basic idea of the movement among an ever wider range of people right here in Latvia and also beyond our borders,” Jana Salmiņa, Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance for the Tax Administration and Anti-Shadow Economy said.

“The #FraudOff! movement has already received three prestigious international awards that demonstrate our position: public administration communication must go away from traditional communication with standard channels and neutral messages. It should be based on the most current trends, using creative solutions. This movement is also positively emphasized by the fact that several dozens of Latvian state administration organizations have united their resources, thus integrating and effectively combating fraud in various manifestations,” Olga Kazaka, Partner of the communication agency A. W. Olsen & Partners, noted.

For over 10 years, the European Excellence Awards has been dignifying the best European communication and public relations projects from all over the world in different categories. For the main prize in the Change Communications category, #FraudOff! competed with companies such as Ford, Wintershall Holding and others.

Eventiada IPRA GWA accepted applications for communication projects and campaigns that took place between September 1 last year and October of this year in Eastern European countries or internationally. The applications were evaluated by an international jury, led by IPRA President Bart de Vries.