• _media

    Media Relations

    The art of being interesting to journalists requires special skills, contacts and an understanding of the specifics of work in media. Over many years of work we have succeeded in relationships with journalists. Depending on a client's necessities we organise:
    • press-conferences, media breakfasts, round tables
    • publications and story lines in mass-media
    • press-releases and videos-releases
  • _strategy

    Strategic management and communication

    The ability to see the complete picture of the communication processes and to influence them from a short-term and long-term perspective is the secret to the effective development of any company. Many of our clients have managed to reach prosperity thanks to our services, such as:
    • strategic consultations
    • internal communication
    • media training
    • crisis communication management
    • lobbying
  • 3_

    Event organisation

    A successful event is a long-term investment in the development of any company, leading to higher productivity and loyalty among employees, partners and clients. This tools also allows brands to communicate their values to consumers, to improve their reputation, as well as fulfil other business tasks. We are interested in the organisation of different events:
    • corporate events
    • events for the presentation of products, communication of values
    • special events for presentation in mass-media
    • public events
    • charity events
    • sponsorship events
  • _visual

    Visual communication and copywriting

    One photo can tell you much more than a stream of eloquent words. We are masters in the visualisation of facts and emotions, ideas and concepts, using:
    • design
    • copywriting
    • photos and videos
  • _online


    Hashtags, likes, engagement rate... We are not simply familiar with these terms, we are also able to correctly apply the modern tools of online communication for the benefit of our clients. We deal with:
    • social media
    • home pages
    • internet communication
  • _analytics


    In order to eliminate a problem, it is necessary to not only find consequences but also reasons. We can provide:
    • market research
    • various research of different levels of complexity
    • communication audit
  • IMC

    Integrated campaigns

    Our team is able to use a complete set of tools required to implement integrated campaigns in a masterful manner. Our awards for some of them confirm this. A.W. Olsen & Partners has extensive experience performing the following tasks:
    • Development of campaign ideas
    • media planning,
    • technical challenges, including text writing, photo, video, audio and other materials production and processing, the organization of special events, printing, installation, interactive decisions
    • analysis and evaluation of the campaign after its implementation.
  • FBLC


    Fashion, lifestyle and beauty communication has its own specifics. Our experts with many years of experience in this area are constantly collaborating with journalists and opinion leaders, organizing events, perfectly reflecting the essence of the new products that promote the appearance of emotions, as well as a great display in the media and social networks. Our strengths are
    • the showroom in Riga,
    • specialized Image Bank
    • a clear understanding of fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands’ needs.
  • VIP

    Cooperation with celebrities

    Various events and campaigns will get more attention, lighting and confidence if celebrities support them. Communication agency A.W.Olsen & Partners is actively implementing the following activities: