The Celebrity box project picked up an award at the international contest for excellence in communication “Mi:t&links. Baltic Communication Awards 2018″

The Celebrity box project by A.W.Olsen & Partners Communication Agency won a prize in the category Digital Communications at the annual Baltic Contest “Mi:t&links. Baltic Communication Awards 2018″. The patented brand Celebrity box has been existing for about 2 years and this time more than 20 various brands have participated in the project.

“The Celebrity box is a project that allows interesting and worthwhile products and services to come into the hands of successful and well-known people in Latvia,” the author of the project idea, A.W.Olsen & Partners Agency Partner Olga Kazaka comments, “Within the framework of the project every three months, thematic gift sets are formed and given to the persons popular in social networks in Latvia: musicians, athletes, bloggers, actors, TV stars.”

The Celebrity box recipients are carefully selected based on several criteria such as the engagement rate, real number of followers, bots (fake followers of software origin) and the absence of mass followers among the user followers. Particular attention is paid to the number of followers precisely from Latvia. “Our achievements in collaboration with the influencers within the project give excellent results,” the author of the project idea adds, “The Celebrity box is constantly generating a great deal of hype in the community: we regularly get questions about how to get or where to buy the Celebrity box, but the project is exclusive and it’s not possible to buy it in your possession.”

The communication agency A.W.Olsen & Partners started its business in 2005, offering communication and marketing services to its customers. The companies such as Kaspersky Lab, L’Oreal, Zepter, WizzAir, ELVI, Mikrotik, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Latvia, Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Latvia have become clients of the agency.